Jen L.
Cheryl ROCKS! I have been going to her for about 2 years for my cuts and highlights. I always trust her ideas and never have to worry about how the color will turn out, or how my hair is going to look if I want to try something different-I just know it is going to look good! Not only is she very talented and reasonably priced, but she is a total sweetheart. She is a fun, genuine, and positive person, who remembers you and what is going on in your life, and actually cares! She never makes me feel bad for not getting my hair done every 4-6 weeks as recommended (I am more of an every couple months kinda girl), and she is super responsive and easy to schedule appoints with via email-which I love! I recently moved from SF to the east bay, but have been going into SF just to see her, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon :) I highly recommend making an appointment and seeing the results for yourself!

Glorianne G.
I have been with Cheryl every since moving to San Francisco over 6 years ago and I would not go to anyone else. If Cheryl moved to the moon, I would follow to get my hair (thick hair) cut and colored. Her way of styling is more "perfection" than anyone I have ever seen in my life and that includes many high end NYC salons. She seems to be always in a good mood, happy to be doing what she enjoys most, which is being around people and perfecting her craft.
Cheryl is also quite knowledgeable about products and I am really quite pleased with what I have purchased from her, be it shampoo or conditioner or hairdryers.
If you are considering using Cheryl as your stylist, do not hesitate. Go, give it a shot and you will be a truly happy beautifully styled person.

Carly S.
I have been going to Cheryl for a few years now.  I love what she does with my curly and at times unruly hair.  Once she's given it a cut it somehow manages to behave!  She has given me both wet and dry cuts and they have both turned out splendidly.  She also gave me subtle highlights for my brother's wedding, a first for me, and they looked so natural...just sun-kissed.  And she's entertaining to talk to while sitting in the chair.  It's always a treat to go see her!  I would recommend her to anyone, especially someone with curly hair.

Wendy L.
I LOVE Cheryl!  In fact, I drive from Santa Cruz to San Francisco just to get my hair done by her. She does an amazing job with color. Don't know what I would do without her!

Samantha D.
I've been going to Cheryl for about a year now and have also referred my Mom and sister to her. Cheryl does such a great job for all of us! Not only is she a awesome hair stylist but she is a joy to talk to and is super accessible and helpful. She's always ready and willing to give advice on hair products and styling and she is super easy to reach via e-mail, which makes scheduling appointments with her a breeze.

Laurie D.
I have fine difficult hair - and I look best with some fullness around my face, which isn't easy to achieve except with a perfect haircut, and Cheryl is up to the task!!  I have never had as many compliments as I have had since Cheryl started cutting my hair.  Even my family noticed and was WOWED.  Plus I always enjoy the appointment.  Cheryl has great energy.  I won't go anywhere else.

Meeka D.
I am joining yelp to write a review for Cheryl because she is so wonderful!  She's been cutting my hair for over 2 years and I can't recommend her enough!  
I used to have one of those complicated bobs that is stacked in the back and longer in the front and requires so much precision to cut.  Cheryl is the only person who can not only cut my hair to perfection, but repeat the look every time.  She is also amazing to work with now that I am growing my hair out and is helping me avoid that awkward non-styled/not short/not long phase I was dreading.  She is just an awesome stylist and really works with your hair making sure the cut looks great right up until your next appointment.  
Cheryl is a wonderful person and so easy to talk to.  She also doesn't mind if you want to just sit quietly and enjoy whatever treatment you're getting.  So different that of typical hair salons!  

Emily L.
I recently moved back to San Francisco, and much to my dismay, couldn't fit my amazing NYC-based stylist into my suitcase. I had put off a cut for too long and my hair was growing desperate for some TLC, so I set out to find a stylist in SF. Enter Miss Cheryl Chakler, and VOILA! Surprise, delight, expectations surpassed!
Not only is Cheryl a completely cool person, she definitely knows what to do with a pair of scissors. Her cuts are slow, deliberate, precise ... basically perfect. I have naturally curly hair suffering through that hideous, post-Brazilian Blowout grow-out phase, and she gave me a fantastic cut that works if I blow it out straight, or try to get some curl on. She uses great products, and gives a fabulous essential oil scalp massage. What's not to love about that?
I entered her salon a mess, and thanks to Cheryl, left with hair that is now healthy and happy, cut exactly as I hoped it would be.

Diane P.
You know you have an amazing colorist when:

a) friends are not sure if you color your hair b/c it looks so fresh
b) people in the hair business comment "whoever colors your hair does an amazing job (especially technique)
c) your friend from Salt Lake City, Utah flies to SF for the sole purpose of having her hair done by Cheryl.

Cheryl is on top of her game.  She is very precise, knows color theory and will have you walk out of her salon sparkling!   She's a real gem and always makes time for her clients.  Thank you, Cheryl!

Jesse S.
Cheryl is AMAZING!  I've been going to her for almost two years now and I've never been more comfortable with a hair stylist before.  Not just comfortable with her, I'm so impressed and confident in her skills that I recommend her to my friends and co-workers.  She both cuts and colors my fine hair.
She has such a great personality and completely puts others at ease with her genuine kindness and fun sense of humor.  It's clear she's very passionate about her career and is always on the pulse of things.
One of my favorite things about her other than her demeanor is her thoroughness.  She wouldn't let me walk out of the salon if everything wasn't just right.  I have very fine hair and she gives me such great cuts that grow out well that it takes some time before it looks like a need a haircut.
I also love that she handles her own appointments. All I have to do is shoot her an email telling her when I'd like to come in and what I would like done and she gets back to me right away.  
Cheryl Chakler is a fantastic stylist.  I have the utmost trust in her and strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a hair stylist to call their own. It's great to have found Cheryl that I no longer have endure awkward stylist hopping!

Mana P.
Cheryl is amazing! She pays a lot of attention to detail and the payoff is that I can let my hair go for long periods of time and still look fabulous. The cut withstands anything. And I am not sure what she does with that coloring wand but I constantly get compliments on the shine in my hair.
Aside from being a fabulous stylist/colorist, Cheryl is just super cool. Totally up on current trends and has a ton of experience with local estheticians & masseuses. She is like the human form of yelp!

Stephanie P.
I always get my hair cut by Cheryl and she is AWESOME!  She's totally bo-ho and new age, super sweet and really easy going.  
I swear, I'm one of those odd women who gets my hair cut every few months, no color, nada.  Super simple wash, cut, style, literally every 3-6 months. And Cheryl is totally cool with this - she always greets me warmly and remembers some stuff we've talked about in the past, and her cuts make my hair look amazing even months down the line (they look awesome at the time and then grows out really well).
Cheryl is awesome, I'm almost afraid to yelp her b/c then her appointments will be harder to book.  But I can't keep it to myself anymore...

Regina P.
I didn't have an appointment and it was already pretty late - around 7 in the evening.  Although she was headed out the door, Cheryl offered to cut my hair, and I must admit - she was amazing.
She warned me beforehand that she was a perfectionist, and she wasn't kidding.  First she cut my hair dry, to make sure that it had exactly the shape that she wanted, then she washed my hair and cut it again - just to be on the safe side.  She gave me a fantastic blow out, and, without a doubt, the best haircut I have ever gotten.
Cheryl pays so much attention to detail and is simply amazing at what she does.  I've gotten so many compliments on my hair, including several from my boyfriend (which is very rare).  I will definitely be going to Cheryl for my next haircut.

Ruth K.
First I got a great haircut, which grew out well and was easy. Then I got highlights, all amazing job by Cheryl. She puts you at ease and does a lovely scalp massage with herbal oils, is very friendly but gets down to business when she's cutting and styling. I trust Cheryl because she's a perfectionist and knows hair. 

Christina A.
For years I have wanted to color my hair a shade of red. For years I have debated with myself on the pro's and con's of actually doing so, permanent vs semi-permanent, will my lovely tresses be messed up in the process. Well, I finally decided to go for it, after grows back. I asked friends and colleagues for recommendations on colorists. I was given one rave review for Cheryl from a co-worker and I went ahead and made a color consult.
Let me tell you that I had the best consultation ever! I showed up with pictures on my phone of the color I was interested in and Cheryl busted out her color samples book and discussed with me what would work best with my natural dark hair and skin tone. I left the salon feeling incredibly excited and like I was in good hands. When I went back for my color, Cheryl made the experience so fun all the nervousness I had left. I normally have a hard time trying to keep up a conversation with hair stylists but Cheryl is so easy going that the conversation never wavered. She didn't even mind when a friend showed up 1/2 way through the process. When my color was finally revealed I was so happy. I absolutely love my new color and I have no regrets. Cheryl was so enthusiastic and positive the whole time and was just as excited as I to see the new color. She even threw in a bit of a trim just to make sure that my hair looked perfect.
Cheryl is a fantastic stylist and amazing colorist. She knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.

Kellie G.
Cheryl rocks! I've been going to her for over a year for cut and color.  I went today and feel like a new person.  Her color is perfect! Her cuts are beautiful and last a long time!

Tiffany T.
I showed Cheryl a picture of what I looked like at my last haircut and told her I wanted to have it shorter and sleeker. It was like she read my mind... The result was 100% what I had hoped for, plus she was a lovely woman to speak with. The haircut took a little longer than it usually does for my hair, but the outcome was VERY thorough and professionally done. To say the least, I was really impressed that she had had the same vision for my hair that I did.
On top of a great haircut, she taught me how to properly style my hair by myself at home, and discussed hair product options that were spot on. It's over a month later, the hairstyle has grown out, but the look is still there! I've never had such a positive experience with a hairstylist. I recommend Cheryl for those of you who want a fun and stylish haircut, and are not afraid to let someone else take the reins.

Jill D.
Cheryl did my color and highlights two weeks ago and it's been one of the best experiences I've ever had with color. I loved the results myself, but have gotten lots of compliments too, including unsolicited raves from my stylist at Bumble and Bumble in NY (yes, I'm a freak who will only get my hair cut by someone 3,000 miles from where I live). I will definitely not be going anywhere else for color any time soon.
Update: Another appointment with Cheryl, another AWESOME color experience. Thanks Cheryl!

Maryanne D.
Can you say Hellllzzzz Yeahhhh!  We all know how hard a good stylist AND colorist combo is hard to find but I have to share with you my's called Cheryl Chakler.  I have never ever in the 4 years I've been seeing her had a lack of compliments immediately upon leaving her hands.  She has taken my dark hair and created so many beautiful different colors and so many different styles that no one really knows the true me.  That means she's GOOOOOD people.  I can never use another.  I love you Cheryl!!!

Cassidy C.
Cheryl is, in a word, INCREDIBLE. She has been cutting my hair for almost four years, and she has never given me a cut that I didn't love. She is such a talented, versatile stylist. When I first started seeing her, my hair was long - like, halfway down my back long - and straight, and somewhat boring. I was looking for something with a little more style, a little more sass, but I wasn't exactly sure how to describe what I wanted, which can be more than a bit risky when trying a new stylist for the first time. But not with Cheryl! She gave me a thorough consultation and continued to check in with me throughout the cut to make sure it was what I wanted. The end result: a fresh, fabulous cut that was stylish yet easy to maintain - a big plus in my book.
Fast-forward four years. My hair has been short, and then shorter, and then really short, and each time, the style was impeccable. Cheryl always knows exactly what to do. I trust her so much that I don't even have to tell her what I want anymore - I just let her work her magic. I am thrilled every time.
I'm now in the process of growing my hair out again, and I swear, thanks to Cheryl, I have almost completely managed to avoid that awkward, in-between phase. Don't get me wrong - there have definitely been a few bad hair days along the way, but it's mostly due to the fact that I waited too long to make my next appointment.
So why, after four years of fabulous haircuts, did I finally decide to write this review? Well, I am, once again, long overdue for a haircut (my last one was mid-January), but you could never tell by looking at my hair. In fact, I still receive compliments. I was at the gym the other morning and on my way to the shower when a woman stopped me and asked me where I got my hair cut. I almost laughed out loud - my hair was unbrushed, sweaty, and all over the place - basically, I was a mess. But the woman was still able to discern that underneath all of the sweat and tangles was a precise A-line cut. If that isn't indicative of a great haircut, I don't know what is. And I owe it all to Cheryl.
Simply put, Cheryl is the best. 

Michelle L.
I just got my hair cut by Cheryl.  After spending my summer in the ocean and neglecting to take care of my hair, getting an awful haircut from a rookie, and frying the ends with chemical straightening my hair was a total wreck.  Cheryl was really great about listening to what I wanted and also providing her own suggestions about what to do.  I had a pretty vague sense of what I wanted, but talking to her she was able to really clarify what I wanted.  I think it's really important that a stylist communicates well and listens to what you want.  Cheryl also contributes her own ideas about what would look good without feeling like you are being forced into something that you're not that into. (Like how so many people who have cut my hair want to convince me to wear it naturally curly even though I don't like that, or doesn't trust that when I say "chin-length" what I really mean is "chin-length" not "shoulder-length").  But in the end what really counts is that my haircut looks AWESOME.  And she's a great person to chat with when she cuts your hair, really interesting conversation and a cool outlook on life.

I just went for my second hair cut with Cheryl and this review is about three months late. After my first cut in March, I wanted to give her 5 stars for the best hair cut I have ever had. I went back a few days ago and she nailed it AGAIN! I should have listened to her when she said "let’s take off about 2 inches", instead I got cold feet and went with one inch off - - no worries though, next time I will just let her do her thing. She is also down to earth and fun to talk to. I used to always feel out of place at the expensive salons even after paying the big bucks but I feel very comfortable with her. Will keep going back...

SF Girl  
I see Cheryl and she is MAGIC for your hair. She is awesome at color and cuts in a way that really flatters your face and makes your hair look its healthiest. I love going to her.

Lauren T.
Cheryl is the best! She's extremely knowledgeable and is very thorough. She's always willing to go the extra mile to your satisfaction. She's very personable and always thinks of the big picture!

Roma P.
Cheryl definitely gets 5 stars.
I came in with a picture of how I wanted my hair cut and she did an incredible job. I wasn't completely comfortable with chopping most of my hair off because that's what the hairstyle entailed, but Cheryl walked me through the whole process. She gave me great tips on how to style my hair after my haircut (since I'm clueless on how to style anything) and told me how to take care of my hair. All in all, it was a great experience.

Grace R.
CHERYL CHAKLER is the BEST!!!! I have had my fair share of awful hair stylists and I'm SUPER HAPPY that I finally found a GREAT hair stylist like CHERYL! If you want a stylist who will take their time and listen to what type of haircut, color and style you want, she is the one to go to. She really concentrates on your hair and makes sure that your hair looks perfect. My hair is naturally wavy and can be difficult to style, but Cheryl took the time to study my hair and not only gave me a very cute hair style but has given me a haircut that I could style easily. I've gone to Cheryl twice for haircut and color and I've gotten nothing but GREAT compliments from my friends, co-workers and family. I don't think I'll ever search for another hair stylist again!

Meg S.
I have been going to Cheryl for 3 years and she never disappoints. I have very thick hair and she totally sculpts it so it looks great and feels great (no more headaches, Yay!)
She is a perfectionist and so am I, so we are a great match. I'm moving to Sac next month and I'm dreading trying to find a good stylist. It has taken me my entire life to find someone who truly knows what they're doing- I will commute as long as it's possible!!!

Kara B.
I would highly, highly recommend Cheryl. You will never be disappointed because she always does such a good job. She truly makes you feel welcome and really listens to her clients. She is an expert with both cut and color. I wouldn't want to go to anyone else!!!



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